“What a wonderful experience. Emily loves her classes at the LLL. The organization and warmth surpass anything I have ever seen. Thank you LLL for being a part of our lives.”
— Jennifer Mann


Both my daughter and son have attended LLL for 2 years. The classes are small and my children love the warm and supportive teachers. We love it!
— Shelley Mackie, Rye, NY


We have always been pleased with the LLL French Preschool. We feel it offers the right mix of French vocabulary, discussion and learning with art, culture and song. The LLL teacher is an excellent instructor who demonstrates the passion and patience for working with small learners. We especially like how the classes provide a mixture of sound pedagogy with fun games, songs, and art projects to help encourage and reinforce French language ability. I am always thrilled to hear my daughter singing the days of the week in French or other French songs she has learned in class which reinforces her learning of the material.
— Monique Fayad, Larchmont, NY


The LLL has enabled us to challenge our son as he entered preschool. He attends LLL and then goes onto his American nursery school in the afternoon. We feel it is a wonderful opportunity to immerse him in foreign language. My LLL teacher is the most wonderful, committed and enthusiastic teacher-I have fun sitting in the classes just to watch her interact with the Kids!
— Happy Mom, Greenwich, CT


We have thoroughly enjoyed taking a Spanish class as a family. I highly recommend LLL to any family who is looking for a fun, enriching experience. The teachers are wonderful and the class size is small so everyone gets personalized attention.”
— Cecilia Stanley, Armonk, NY


My daughter looks forward to coming to Spanish class at Little Language League. She thinks of it as a fun activity, not as an extension of her school day.
— Amy Donovan, Rye NY


Both my children love the classes at the LLL and have progressed with their language. I would recommend the classes to anyone who really wants to support their child’s love of other languages.
— Caroline Bambury, Rye NY


My children have greatly benefited from taking Spanish classes/preschool at the Little Language League. They practice at home with each other on their own. They are having fun and learning Spanish at the same time. I would recommend the Little Language League to anyone looking to introduce a second language to a young child.
— Leslie Logush, Rye