About Us

Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Nurturing and Highly Educated

Each and every member of the Little Language League team reflects these qualities. You would expect nothing less for your child and neither would we. Our teachers, like our directors, come from all over the world and bring the same commitment to providing academic excellence in language education.

We strive daily to Make Each Child Shine.

LLL Directors & Founder

Sherri Karpovich, Founder
Sherri founded the Little Language League in 1999 and has grown the school to include 10 ShineImmersion™ programs, including second language immersion and English/ESL. Sherri earned a B.A. in Russian and Economics from the University of Michigan, an M.B.A. in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management, and an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Washington. She is also a trained Montessori teacher and holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Before founding Little Language League, Sherri instructed Russian language immersion programs at the University of Washington and the University of New Mexico.

Having held several high profile international professional positions, Sherri knows first hand how her ability to communicate in more than one language is a tremendous advantage. She has served as finance manager for Procter & Gamble Russia and Germany, and was employed as an international attorney in the Czech Republic and New York City. Ms. Karpovich is fluent in Russian, German, and Spanish and has two children who are being raised trilingually.


LLL Directors

Lyvia Sage, Co-Founder/Creative Director
Lyvia Sage, Founder and creator of SHINE theater has offered her programs through The Little Language League since 2002 officially merging her business with the LLL in 2004. As Creative Director of the LLL she is responsible for the development and oversight of the school’s programs and curriculum, importing her SHINE theater programs into the LLL and developing the basic week-to-week Workbooks that serve as the teaching platform for the Language programs. She continues to work directly in the classroom and on stage as a means to continually refine and expand the quality and breadth of the school’s offerings through her close contact and observation of her students.

A native of France Lyvia has studied with some of the most well-known theater professionals in Paris and has continued her training in this area at Yale University. She has over 20 years of experience in developing literacy skills in children. Lyvia is a long-time and firm believer in the power of the arts, particularly theater, in building the skill set and emotional understanding that is the launching pad for the development of literary skills, and, successful and well-balanced children (a belief recently confirmed by Harvard research). Her approach is essentially a Holistic one is which each child is considered unique and so is led to develop according to the style best adapted to their level, personality type and learning model.

LLL Teachers
Little Language League teachers are carefully selected for their native language ability, teaching talent, and effectiveness with young children. All are nurturing and enthusiastic educators who are committed to providing academic excellence and the most innovative second language education with the ShineImmersion™ method and curriculum. Like our directors - our team of teachers represent diverse national and cultural backgrounds with degrees from top US and foreign colleges and universities. We are passionate educators and administrators who embody a wealth of teaching experience from around the world.